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SIA “AHG” quality management system policy

SIA “AHG” has implemented an integrated management system according to which it takes care to ensure the quality of goods and services.(ISO 9001)
Reduce environmental impact, use resources more efficiently and reduce waste (ISO 14001). We follow the latest requirements for occupational health and safety in your company, enabling us to control and manage the risks that may arise from day-to-day operations and emergencies (ISO 45001)

Latvian legislation provides 1x per year for every company that has one or more employees to do the following:
1.1. Perform work environment risk assessment and analysis;
1.2. To determine the compliance of the company with the requirements of the labor protection regulatory enactments;
1.3. Develop a plan of labor protection measures
1.4. Carry out employee briefings:
        1.4.1. introductory training;
        1.4.2. Instruction at work:
        1.4.3. Instruction for fire protection;

The sitting position for doing the job is quite comfortable, but the long-lasting position in this position gets tired. It is therefore advisable to adjust the height of the work surface, depending on the work to be done, as well as to periodically change the work position (sitting, standing). SIA “AHG” offers the opportunity to try the FIRST DEMO OFFICE customizable furniture and accessories.

SIA “AHG” privacy policy

Privacy Policy aims to provide a natural person with information about the purpose of processing personal data the amount, protection and processing time of data acquisition and processing. In cooperation with “AHG” Ltd., personal information may be requested from the person, including name and surname, personal identity number, phone number, e-mail address. Information is required directly for the provision of the service, for ensuring cooperation – for the administration of the settlement and / or for the employment relationship establishment and maintenance. Personal data of “AHG” Ltd. are used in compliance with the highest security standards.

Personal data manager and contact information. Personal data processing manager is SIA “AHG”, unified registration no. LV40103346204, legal address 20 – 212 Klusa Street, Riga, LV-1013. The contact information of “AHG” Ltd. on personal data processing is phone number 29150679 or e-mail address andra@sia-ahg.com. Using this contact information or contacting the actual address of SIA “AHG” Kr.Valdemāra 118-213, Riga LV-1013 and / or Krūmu 41/43, 106, Liepaja LV-3405, you may ask about the processing of personal data. Scope of application of the document Personal data is any information about an identified or identifiable natural person – a client of SIA “AHG”, a cooperation partner, employee, job candidate or company visitor. Privacy Policy applies to privacy and personal data protection with respect to:

  • For the provision of services and / or sale of goods;
  • Customer Identification;
  • Contract and / or invoice preparation and signing;
  • Provision of services and / or delivery of goods;
  • For customer service;
  • Handling and processing of objections;
  • Customer retention, loyalty, satisfaction measurement;
  • Billing administration;
  • Provision of information to state administration institutions and subjects of operational activities in cases and to the extent prescribed by external regulatory enactments;
  • For other specific purposes for which the person is informed at the time of providing relevant data to SIA “AHG”.

Processing of personal data SIA “AHG” processes personal data using modern technology, taking into account existing privacy risks and available organizational, financial and technical resources. Personal data may be transferred to trusted partners who provide specific services, such as training and / or Compulsory Health Check. Categories of Recipients of Personal Data SIA “AHG” does not disclose personal data or any information obtained during the cooperation to third parties, except:

  • If the third party concerned is required to provide the data within the framework of a contract to perform a function required by the contract or delegated by law (for example, to prepare briefing journals, OVP cards, bank for settlement, courier service for order delivery, security company for video surveillance for security);
  • To persons specified in the external regulatory enactments on the basis of a reasoned request, in accordance with the procedures and in the amount prescribed by external regulatory enactments;
  • In cases stipulated by external regulatory enactments, to protect the legitimate interests of SIA “AHG”, for example, by applying to a court or other state institutions against a person who has violated these legitimate interests.

Duration of personal data storage SIA “AHG” stores and processes personal data while at least one of the following criteria exists:

  • Only as long as the agreement with the person is in force;
  • While AHG Ltd or a person may exercise his/her legitimate interests in accordance with the procedures prescribed by external regulatory enactments (for example, to file an objection or bring an action or bring an action in court);
  • While one of the parties has a legal obligation to keep the data;
  • As long as there is no other legitimate basis for the processing of the personal data, as long as there is no other legitimate basis for the processing of the data.

After the above circumstances expire, personal data is archived, deleted or deleted. Access to personal data and other person’s rights A person has the right to receive information specified in regulatory enactments related to the processing of his or her data. A person also has the right, in accordance with regulatory enactments, to request SIA “AHG” access to their personal data, as well as to request their replenishment, correction or deletion, or restriction of processing with regard to a person, or the right to object to processing (including processing of personal data) based on the legitimate (legitimate) interests of SIA “AHG”) and the right to data portability. This right shall be exercised insofar as the processing of data does not follow from the obligations of SIA “AHG” imposed on it by the applicable laws and regulations and which are performed in the public interest. A person may submit a request for the exercise of their rights:

  • Written in person at the office of SIA “AHG”, presenting a personal identification document;
  • Electronic mail signing with secure electronic signature.

Upon receipt of a person’s request for the exercise of their rights, SIA “AHG” verifies the identity of the person, evaluates the request and executes it in accordance with the regulatory enactments. SIA “AHG” sends a reply to the person by post to his / her indicated contact address by registered mail or e-mail, taking into account as possible the way of receiving the response indicated by the person. SIA “AHG” ensures fulfillment of data processing and protection requirements in accordance with regulatory enactments and in case of objections performs useful actions to resolve the objection. However, if this fails, the person has the right to apply to the supervisory authority – the Data State Inspectorate. Communicating with a person SIA “AHG” communicates with the person using the contact information provided by the person (telephone number, e-mail address, postal address). Communication on the performance of service obligations is performed by SIA “AHG” on the basis of the concluded contract and / or invoice (for example, coordination of service delivery or changes, invoice information, etc.). Commercial communications In order to provide a person with information about current offers and news that might interest a person, SIA “AHG” can use personal data in marketing and communication activities. A person may at any time opt out of receiving these adverts in any of the following ways:

  • By using the automated option provided in the commercial communication to opt out of receiving further notices by clicking on the opt-out at the end of the relevant commercial notice (e-mail);
  • By sending an email to info@sia-ahg.com;
  • Calling the office of “AHG” Ltd. 27710664;
  • In person at “AHG” Ltd. office .Kr.Valdemara 118-213, Riga LV-1013 and / or Krūmu 41/43, 106, Liepaja LV-3405,

SIA “AHG” stops sending commercial communications as soon as a person’s request is processed. Request processing can take up to one business day. SIA “AHG” will never allow the use of personal data for advertising and communication purposes by third parties.

Different rules SIA “AHG” has the right to make additions to the Privacy Policy by making available to the person its current version on the website of SIA “AHG”. Links to third-party internet websites that have their own usage and personal data protection rules can be placed on the website of SIA “AHG”. SIA “AHG” is not responsible.


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    Work Protection

    • Aizsardziba
    • Apmācības
    • OVP
    • Sertificati
    • Partneri
    • SIA “AHG” provides labor protection services in Latvia. The Latvian Legislation stipulates that the labor protection system must be implemented in every company with at least one employee (regardless of the sphere of activity). The risks to the work environment must be assessed every year. This is determined by the regulations of the 660 Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia. (http://likumi.lv/doc.php?id=164271) , which is also the minimum required for labor protection:
      -Learn what position your current job protection system is in;
      -Evaluate work environment risks (for each workplace);
      -Take a preventive action plan.
    • SIA “AHG” provides labor protection services abroad. In the countries of the European Union, the procedure for implementation and maintenance of the labor protection system differs from that of Latvia. Experience-rich job protection will help you deal with documentation that is recognized in each individual country. Outsourcing is economical, you will save!

    SIA “AHG” together with partner “PERSONALS” organizes group training in following technical specialties: Mooring, Welding, Labor protection training; Work at high altitudes, Work at height; Service Station Operator; Working with asbestos; Liquefied petroleum gas cylinder filling station operator (autogase); Gas installations; Pressure equipment; Hoists; Working with boiler installations; Responsible Secrets; Lift operator; Logging and woodworking; Cranes; Loaders etc. on demand.

    SIA “AHG”, together with a partner, organizes out-of-home health check-ups starting from 15 people. Employees should check their health regularly (usually i.x.1×3 years) to work safely. in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers (Cabinet of Ministers) Regulations Nr. 219 “Procedure for Compulsory Health Check”. The purpose of compulsory health checks is not to allow or allow anyone to work! The aim is to detect as soon as possible the health problems caused by the work environment, to treat them in a timely manner and to return them to work! Expenses related to the periodic health check are borne by the employer. The initial health check is paid by the employee himself, unless he agrees otherwise with the employer.

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